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KAT-TUN - REAL FACE PV (Akakame version)

I'm wake up late this day. It because I watched 20th Century Boys chapter 2 until 3 a.m. Wonderful and trilled story, ah~ I wonder when the chapter 3 were released. Cannot wait.. XD

Tomodachi~~!! Who the hell are you?!!

This.. Real face pv akakame version which I made long.. long time ago.. I found it on my old flashdisk so I decided to uploaded on You Tube and post it here. Surely, many peoples have been done this before, but here we go.. this is my editing version.

Or you can watch it direct from my YouTube account --> ((HERE))

Comments and crtics are loved. Enjoy guyz <3<3

(tada bonyarishita fuan - Akutagawa Ryūnosuke)

Final Fantasy XIII compilations AMV

I uploaded this video yesterday and plans to post here at the early monday morning. Because yesterday on sunday my internet connections makes me sick.

Hope can find some bright day this monday morning but I got my neck out of joint. What a helpless monday. However, I persist it although my back felt so hurt.

This amv based on game Final Fantasy XIII, I made it from some short trailers and commercials. The CG was so beautiful, wonderful, excelent, big applause for Square-Enix as the game developer. I've read news Final Fantasy XIII would released on december, is that true?? Well, I'm afraid that's not affected to me since I don't have PS3 console LOL. Rather than Final Fantasy XIII original, I'm more excited in Final Fantasy versus XIII. The main character, the prince looks so cool. Hey, don't blame me, I'm just a girl anyway. I wonder why Square-Enix release three Final Fantasy in same series, Final Fantasy agito XIII more like Kindom Hearts if we comparing the graphic.

I really love KOKIA's voice in this song and the way she's sing it. The title is "Chouwa oto" or "Sound of Harmony". It's kinda mysterious like song of pray or whatever.. The melody touched my heart when I heard it at first time. The lyrics was simple and easy to understand. Originaly it was soundtrack from anime titled "Gin-iro no Kami no Agito". I'm not sure when it released but both the song and anime not too old, at least still on new millenium.

(tada bonyarishita fuan - Akutagawa Ryūnosuke)

KAT-TUN - TABOO PV fanmade

I've read article about Akanishi apperead on AnAn magazine, it was little disapoint. Akanishi Jin as idol you done your work well, but many fans maybe have a various reactions. I'm just one of yours milions fans, I expect your action would gives you popularity up not drowned yours. Mr. Johnny you're so unbelieve. Actually I have no interest to discuss the matter here, that isn't reason I write this post anyway.

I know it's not realted, but when I read the article I wanted to post this video of KAT-TUN I made two weeks ago. At first, this video just passing my free time. After spend my short three days holiday, I've done this video completely. That time I have no desire to publication this but now is the other story. Hope this work could rejoice all fans of KAT-TUN.

I got idea to making this is after I rewatch all my "Pirates of Caribean" DVD, and I thought it would be nice if I mixed it with KT Queen of Pirates concert clip. I likes this song "TABOO" very much, both the lyrics and melody can sends my imaginations melt into ocean.

Or watch it direct from my YouTube account --> ((HERE))

(tada bonyarishita fuan - Akutagawa Ryūnosuke)

For someone special in special day..

Today is fourth july..

Fuihh.. actually I'm not a person who believe something irrational but since child I have never liked to number four. Don't know why, some people told me it was out of luck number. But, I'm possibly not to hate myself if I reach fourty years old right, it's sounds crazy. Beside, there are several reasons why I must not forgot the date of fourth july. It's date of my precious persons birthday..

Happy B'day Mommy. It was a longs times since I've taste your sweet dessert. I ever longing at your cookery and really miss your kindness at the opposite of your boisterous voice. When I heard the song titled Miso Soup from Tegomass, it's remind me how difficult if you're live far away from your parents. I always miss stay at home. I love to return home soon..

Joyeux Anniversaire my best friend Ai. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you're still my ichiban tomodachi. Last time I've call you, thank goodness you're not changed at all, you still someone I admire. It must difficult live in the middle "that kind" environment. Be a great chef, babe! Sorry the present will surely come little late.

Akanishi Jin otanjoubi omedetou. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, I don't care :p the cruel fangirl, yes I'm. Please slay away that moody face, I'm really sick look in your spiritless eyes. But still I miss your performances. Fill this year with more wonderful songs than last one in KAT-TUN, if not I'll totaly looks away to Tohoshinki :p


Happy Independence Day of America for you all livings in American. America is celebrating it's 233rd birthday this year. Spend your holiday wisely guyz..

(tada bonyarishita fuan - Akutagawa Ryūnosuke)

Back after long.. long hiatus..

Finally, I made it!!
I finalize the revision for my novel. It's about Japanese History over Tokugawa's regime. The main character is the one of loyal servant for Toyotomi Hideyoshi's successor, the only person who's assumed hinders feather in one's cap Tokugawa. It's bit romantic but keep consistent on true line of history uppermost.

Momoyama&apos;s Daughter

I almost going mad beacause my counsellor told me to revision until three times. My friends whoop it up with his/her keen criticism. Since I've spend my break time for watching some anime LOL I has no right to blame others.

Well, too tired after type this long words(??!!), I'll sleep now, although the day still bright for me to walks along in the dreamland.


(tada bonyarishita fuan - Akutagawa Ryūnosuke)

KAT-TUN's Rival?!!

Oh no, this is disaster!! Why I becomes so fancy to Dong Bang Shin Ki? They're KAT-TUN's rival, right? My beloved's RIVALS!!

I know that KAT-TUN's RESCUE single sales took place in same day with DBSK's Survivor single sales. I think their oricon's wars will begin soon, or it already begins? *please ignore my slow received information* Both lyrics sounds similar, especialy the titles looks complementary (RESCUE=SURVIVOR). LOL or it’s just my imagination?

I've read a post @LJ about Akame wears same clothes with DBSK members in different place and different time *don't ask I'm forgot where I read it*. How funny, I thought they were shopping in same boutique. DBSK also popular amongs girls, fasionable, cool boys and likely their dance more expert than KAT-TUN, but one thing they lack compared to KAT-TUN, it’s unique image of group. Although, opinions of some people says the KAT-TUN’s bad boy image was fake.

Lately I have no watch the coolness perform of KAT-TUN on my pc monitor. I was busy for a few days. I had been downloading latest cartoon KAT-TUN and the SP, but there weren’t translation yet so I delayed my watching time and keep focused on my paperwork. I've watching BDSK mini drama which my friend giving to me instead. And then I try to download Survivor pv since I'm in big curious because my friend keep force it. This song made my ears melting, the melody is so fancy and the pv looks interesting. Suck! I hate to admit it but I loved them!

It seems all of my friend fault. However, I'm still in awaiting for KAT-TUN tv performance, I miss them. Honestly DBSK were temptation me but I don't want lost my love for KAT-TUN. Could I love them in the same time? Should I change KAT-TUN wallpaper on my room into DBSK wallpaper?

Hey, why I’m so upset? It’s not a big matter anyway. Dunno why I'm write this shit, maybe the stress already damage my brain???? *OGM* I need go takes the air for a bit!! But it’s rain outside . .

(tada bonyarishita fuan - Akutagawa Ryūnosuke)

Random exam :-@

Today is my Japanese course time. It held three times indium a week. After half running a day class the sensei told me to write some exam. What the?!! I'll admit it as long as my sensei loans me many Japanese culture materials ;-)

My head start spinning when reach the last examination question, my nervousness going up. I wish I could done it well. I know absolutely it's impossible to gets perfect points since I haven't prepare anything.

I'll more work hard for next exam.. and I still have many papers which awaiting to be done, yosh FIGHT!! (p^-^)p

(tada bonyarishita fuan - Akutagawa Ryūnosuke)

When I was beginner in nursery school, I don't have any friends. I'm still playing alone when my coevals bunch up one another. The girls playing houses and boys making noise at school yard. It’s looks funny, but not for me.

At that time, I was girl who scared meet other peoples in face. I had no intentions to speak with others that looks like strangers to me. It's difficult to joins with others since I was ignores them in first.

Playing alone every day, It doesn't makes me sick, I enjoyed what I've done. Someday I finally makes friends. Friends in name, both my head and heart rejected them cause those girls more looks like antagonist. My friends keep bullying me although I said very loud they were bothers me. They snagged my newest drawing book, and then they didn't confessed. They're often made me played role as ministrant when playing houses near our classroom (poor me~). Actually, I don't like to do it but they keep force. Thinks the real friend won't do that.

Because of that, I have no believe in others. I used my imagination to animates a fantasy friend. Playing alone remain to be my hobby. I'm not sure but those fantasy disappears along my adultness. In elementary school little by little I can interacs with others normaly, likely those era has never happened.

Remembers my childhood makes me want to cry at the same time laughing very loud. When I stared myself I thought "what a fool little girl I am". Now I noticed, I was namby-pamby girl at that time. I ever surely the fantasy friend can be found in pure heart of children. It might not psycological problem. My guess, it will evanescent when the child joined society instead.

(tada bonyarishita fuan - Akutagawa Ryūnosuke)

Situ Gintung basin is located in Cirendeu, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. Originaly it was place for tourism. Four days ago the basin has destroy and spills sump to settlement around. This disaster happened on Friday date of 27 march 2009 early mornings. Member of society who that moment still be fallen aslip no time running away, as a result this disaster eats victim reachs hundreds of souls.

Gintung and Poncol villages are two locations is hard, because the both of villages are acurate resided in bank side which destroyed. Not only countrified only, elite housing of Pratama Hill, Lebak Bulus, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia, also sweeped by water. Luxuriant cars brought finite current of hooking in fencing resident house, there even vehicle that is heaps each other in mud wallow. Trees falls down and hundreds of family head losing of residence. Although the damages weren’t as hard as Gintung and Poncol villages, overflowing of water soak the housing of overseas departemen in Bintaro and inundates Peranggrahan river.

Situ Gintung before accident

Rescue team and TNI-POLRI joins together to seeking the victim who still lose. Finite of week 29 march 2009, has been found 98 died victims. Number of this would continuously increase sees that there are still raising the victim families submits losing report of their family in help post. Corpse fallen down in three places, Muhammadiyah University, STIE Ahmad Dahlan, and Cireundeu which also functioned as help post. Whereas victim injures were bringing to Fatmawati hospital to get treatment.

Accumulating Basin Situ Gintung is built during goverment of Dutch colonial in 1930. The development is started in 1932 and having one years then for finished. Situ Gintung has several times gets renovation. Since the development, the members of society have been several times discovering one of bank side to experience leakage.

The Basin Destroyed

Some people haves a notion Situ Gintung destroyed cause the age stripper. Though the disaster cause Situ Gintung be going up the water debit. Rain season like now makes lake Gintung to experience water overflowing. Water exceeds accomodation power Situ which has experienced superficiality, then pushs finite bank wall to destroyed. Situ pertained is small for accumulating basin measure, in consequence Situ Gintung is not included into list getting observation from observation body of accumulating basin. For the reason treatment and observation to shallowness of lake have never been paid attention correct. Though there is more than thousands of Situ for region DKI Jakarta and Banten only.

Well, actually the sump not reach my house, but the disaster happened still in my region. How pity the peoples who hit the accident. Since I’m far from home, can only praying they could be strong faces this accident.


(tada bonyarishita fuan - Akutagawa Ryūnosuke)

Code Geass Wallpaper

I made a code geass wallpaper. I dunno why I wanted to share this stuff. This work initially dedicated for passing my bored time in this whole day.

I don't put any background, picture of coolness lelouch and suzaku can be focused if there are no back picture, ne..





If you guys find the wallies and have interest, don't hestitates to pick up. Critics and comments are loved.

(tada bonyarishita fuan - Akutagawa Ryūnosuke)