This is my world • I'll write what I like..


Mijn naam is Indira Ardanareswari. Ik ben twintig jaar.
Watashi no senmon wa Rekishigaku desu. Shuumi wa yomikaki o shimasu. Doozo Yoroshiku..

My friend sometimes called me Indie. My name is mix from name of first woman who became prime minister of India in 1966-1984, Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi, and name of goddess in Hinduism mythologi.

Weird if I mixed two different language as in upper. Well that's because I've learn Deutsch and Japanese at the same time. These two language were assists me to write handing out for my college. I'm a historian but still I has not finalized my study at history departement. I wish it's not take any longer time.

I think I'm not a good girl (just kidding). Just ordinary girl, likes music, movies, and Japanese stuff, art and culture. I greedy at my hobby. Liking making and editing video. At the same time, I'm crazy about history of world, asian pacific especialy Japanese history, that's reason why I chooses my departement. Can take a speech in Japanese, that's my dream.

I rather shy but my habit doesn't shows my real character. Many people says I was fussy girl. My bad habit is making funny with other people words. I hope it's can stop soon, no one laugh hear my lame jokes. Whatever, I'm too stupid to describe myself.

I was born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, beautiful city with many historic places.